In Loving Memory of Steven E. Wymore

(1946 - 2008)

On June 4th, 2008 Steve Wymore passed away after a mighty battle with cancer. Steve was very dedicated to his company and his customers as well as committed to providing excellent service for them up until his very last days. Steve was originally diagnosed with carcinoma of the salivary gland in early 2006. This was an odd diagnosis because Mr. Wymore was always in excellent health all of his life. He never let his illness slow him down, as he persevered and oversaw the continuous growth of Wymore Transfer Co. Never at one time in his battle with the illness did Steve ever consider letting his disease affect the operations of the company or interfere with the service to his customers.

Since the passing of Steve, the Wymore family continues to stress the importance of quality and dependable service to their customers. The next generation of the Wymore family is fully committed to continuing operations to the fullest potential. Meeting all the needs of current customers as well as growing the business into new niches are goals that have been set by the Wymore's and Wymore Transfer Co. staff. The mission statement of Wymore Transfer states that "we are always striving to improve and expand our capabilities in order to meet any needs of any customer". We at Wymore Transfer Co. want to assure that this is the way of things to come and look forward to a positive future despite this tremendous loss. With an angel like Steven in the sky, anything and everything is possible.

Elliott Wymore started the business back in 1924. That's him in the photo above right with two sons, Gene and Don. In its earliest days along with servicing local paper mills, Wymore hauled small loads and carried baggage from the train station to various points in town.

Gene took over and helped the company grow by serving area grocery stores and other businesses. During the war, Gene and Wymore Transfer helped build liberty ships by hauling rough castings from Portland to the paper mill machine shop in West Linn. Once the finish work was complete, Gene would oversee hauling the castings back to the Portland shipyards.

From Gene, the company was passed to his son, Steve. Steve has been running the business now for over 33 years, and has grown and expanded it beyond his, or his father's imagination. Steve's Son, Scott has been working to become the next generation to continue providing trucking and warehousing excellence. As Wymore Transfer continues to grow, it never fails to keep customer relationships, and quality service first.