With over 420,000 square feet of quality, well-located warehouse space, and the latest in material handling equipment and inventory techniques, Wymore Transfer can handle any warehousing needs.

Key Benefits

  • Great location, just minutes off of Interstate 205 and Highway 212
  • Fully Rail served by the Union Pacific Railroad
  • Latest inventory and material handling techniques & equipment
  • Skilled warehousemen will assure safe and damage-free handling of goods


We are well equipped with lift trucks ranging from 3000lbs. to 26,000lbs. We offer a 30 ton indoor overhead crane, and a 40 ton transportable boom crane.

  • Roll Clamps to 65"
  • Bail Clamps
  • Squeeze Forks
  • 3000 - 30,000 lb. lift trucks
  • 30 ton indoor overhead crane
  • 40 ton boom crane